In Healthcare we are providing the following services:

Certification & Accreditation Program:

Prepare and assist Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities in Certification and Accreditation
Support Healthcare Institutions in implementing a Quality Approach
Conducting Audit according to ISO 9001
Assist and advice Healthcare Institutions under process of creation or extension
Assist in the Nursing Staff recruitment
Optimizing premises with best practices to comply with accreditation requirement
Valid clean rooms according to ISO 14644-1, -2, -3, -..
NFS 90351 Hygiene Control
Supply and Inventory Management
Medical Equipment Planning including space and infra-structure studies, equipment and facilities assessment (space and needs were specified), budgeting, equipment specifications, offers evaluation, procurement, logistics, installation, commissioning and acceptance, operation and monitoring.
Establish an Equipment Maintenance Management Plan/ Program
Assist in the development of the Establishment Plan / Business Plan

We offer Trainings Program/ Courses in:

Leadership & strategic management

Leadership and management (2-Days Session)
Strategic Pacification (2-Days Session)
Establishment Project (2-Days Session)
Continuous Quality Improvement Program (2-Days Session)
Group Problem solving techniques in healthcare (2-Days Session)
PDCA in Healthcare (2-Days Session)

Quality Improvement and Risk Management in Health

Implementing Quality Management in Healthcare facilities (2-Days Session)
Unwanted events management and Health vigilances (2-Days Session)
Organizing Health vigilances in a Healthcare facilities (2-Days Session)
Quality and Risk Management assessment methods in healthcare (2-Days Session)
Patient Safety and Risk Management (2-Days Session)
Document Management System (2-Days Session)
Quality audit in Health (2-Days Session)
Infection Control and Risk Management (2-Days Session)

Accreditation :

How to be prepared for Accreditation in healthcare (2-Days Session)
Conducting hospital or clinic self-assessment (2-Days Session)
Preparing accreditation audit (2-Days Session)

Environment quality control in healthcare:

Water and air Quality Control in healthcare facilities (2-Days Session)
Waste management in healthcare (2-Days Session)
Sterilization best practices (2-Days Session)
Hygiene and safety of food in healthcare facilities (2-Days Session)

Operating room:

Operating theatre best practices (2-Days Session)
Operating theatre efficiency (1-Day Session)
Patient Post-Operation Monitoring (1-Day Session)

Medication and Medical devices pathway

Securing medication pathway (2-Days Session)
Stock management (2-Days Session)
Drug administration best practices (1-Day Session)

Patients’ Rights

Information and rights of patients and families (2-Days Session)
Model of care organization (2-Days Session)
Pain management (2-Days Session)
Patient and Healthcare provider relationship (1-Day Session)
Patient Communication (Patient listening) (2-Days Session)

Biomedical Technology Management

Biomedical equipment maintenance Management program/ Plan (2-Days Session)
Medical Equipment Planning in a Healthcare Facility construction (2-Days Session)

Team Management in health

Mobilizing and Motivating human resources (1-Day Session)
Conflict management (1-Day Session)
Team management/ Inter and Intra team communication (1-Day Session)
HR management – job description and skills (2-Days Session)


Hospital housekeeping management (1-Day Session)
Hygiene best practices (2-Days Session)
Hospital linen management (1-Day Session)